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When I traveled to Europe for the first time in 2013 for a month-long journey, the two brief times that I traveled by train was from Madrid to Pamplona, and then again from Pamplona to Barcelona.

I did not get to really experience European train travel during that first trip, so I decided that during my second Euro-trip in 2014, I would rely mostly on train travel as a way to travel from country to country as opposed to flying, which I did the year prior.

A month before arriving in Europe, I went online and booked an overnight train ticket between Amsterdam and Prague. When the day finally arrived for me to take the train, I headed to Amsterdam Centraal station, located my compartment (after a getting on the wrong car), and settled in with my five other ‘roommates’.

The Ride: Amsterdam to Prague

amsterdam prague train

I would love to say that the journey was all butterflies and roses, but it wasn’t.

The beginning of the journey was quite hot and uncomfortable in second class and I had to keep my head out of a window for hours on end to get a little relief from the non-existent air conditioner and to avoid creating puddles of sweat all over the floor of my compartment.

Do you know the quote that says that you should appreciate the journey and not the destination? Well, I am pretty sure it was not referencing the 14.5-hour train ride from Amsterdam to Prague because I was REALLY looking forward to arriving at my destination. The train made a multitude of stops during the journey as we traveled from Amsterdam through Germany and down into the Czech Republic, so when we arrived in Prague, I was ecstatic to get off of the train.

Sleeping in the second class car was nearly impossible as I had to sit upright, so for the entirety of the journey, I remained awake. If you ever decide to make this journey, I recommend paying a little extra to get a bed in a sleeper car.

The trip was not all bad despite the heat and lack of comfort. The highlight of the journey was definitely meeting and interacting with the people that I met on the train: four Irish guys and girl from Hong Kong that I was rooming with and some young people from the Netherlands that I encouraged to chat with me on camera about life and culture in the Amsterdam.

Vlog: Amsterdam to Prague by Train

FAQ’s: Train Travel between Amsterdam and Prague 

Where do I go to buy a train ticket to travel from Amsterdam to Prague?

Amsterdam to Prague Train Ticket

My train ticket from Amsterdam to Prague

I booked my ticket on (Amsterdam Centraal -> Praha hl.n.). Tickets can be purchased up to 90 days in advance.

How much does the train ticket cost between Amsterdam to Prague?

I paid 49€ ($60 USD) for a ticket on the City Night Line (overnight train) in a second-class 6-seat compartment.

The price can vary depending on when they are booked and where you are seated with ticket prices starting at 29€.

*Please note: These prices are based off of my trip in 2014; check online for current prices.

How long is the journey between Amsterdam to Prague?

Depending on the stops, the journey can range from 13-15.5 hours; my train made several stops and lasted 14.5 hours.

Have you ever traveled between Amsterdam and Prague on the train? How was your experience? Share below!