I love a good food market and I have visited them all over the world from Chelsea Market in New York City to the Gloria Street Market in Rio de Janeiro. If there is good food to be had all in one place, you will find me there.

When I learned about the different markets that Amsterdam had to offer, I knew that I had to include putting at least one of them in my itinerary. I chose the Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest market in the Netherlands with a variety of goods from clothing, to flowers, to food. Besides all of the goods that can be purchased at the market, another added benefit is that it is open six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

The Albert Cuypmarkt


There are a couple of foods that you must try when you are in Amsterdam (see: Food Dutch People Like) including stroopwafels and haring, and both can be freshly prepared at the Cuypmarkt.

Eating at the Albert Cuypmarkt

My first mission at the market was to try Hollandse nieuwe haring, a popular Dutch food that is typically eaten by holding the fish by the tail above your head and slowly sliding it into your mouth (like this). I ate it a little bit differently: with a fork after it had been sliced. It was covered in onions and served with a pickle and flag of the Netherlands. Some people find the fish to be an acquired taste, but I thought it was delicious!

Herring at the Albert Cuypmarkt


My next mission at the market was to try freshly-made stroopwafels. Sure, you can go to Amsterdam and eat thousands of the little packaged stroopwafels, but what fun is that? Fresh ones are much, much better. I found a little stand where a nice Dutch gentleman prepared a very large stroopwafel for me right off of the griddle. I must say: fresh is always better.

Fresh stroopwafel (left) or packaged ones (right)? I will go with fresh!


When you visit Amsterdam, you should include visiting a market in your itinerary to experience some of the wonderful treats that the city has to offer. Check out the blogs Awesome Amsterdam and Little Black Book to see all of the other markets that Amsterdam has to offer!

More Pictures from the Market

Fruit at the Albert Cuypmarkt

Fresh juices at the Albert Cuypmarkt

Shopping for fish at the Albert Cuypmarkt


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Have you ever been to the Albert Cuypmarkt? What was your experience like?