Birth of the Royal Baby

Normally I would not be interested in the life of a celebrity or even the lives of members of the Royal family of England, but since I happened to be in downtown London when the announcement was made, I could not help but to write something about it, especially since it all happened only a few hours ago.

I was casually walking across the Waterloo Bridge and taking pictures when I noticed that behind me the lights on the London Eye were lit up in blue, white, and red. I had no idea that this was not the norm and I had a mini photo shoot with the London Eye as my backdrop  and I kept commenting to my friend about how beautiful the London Eye looked at night.

I then made my way over to the London Bridge to take photographs of the Tower Bridge and I also commented that the bridge lit up in blue looked beautiful at night. Little did I know, both bridges were being lit up in honor of the birth of the Royal Baby. In fact, I did not even know the news until I returned back to the room I was renting, turned on BBC and started watching the non-stop coverage of the birth of the baby and of former royal babies, who are all in line to be the King of England one day. It is really quite cool to be in the country on such a historical day. I am sure that people will be celebrating in the streets of London tomorrow.

Here’s a look at me on the London Bridge with the Tower Bridge behind me lit up in blue for the birth of the Royal Baby:

Me completely oblivious to the fact that the bridge was blue for the Royal Baby

Me completely oblivious to the fact that the bridge was blue for the Royal Baby


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