Cheap Sushi Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is a food lover’s paradise. 

The city has every possible kind of  Japanese cuisine that you could imagine ranging from gyūdon (牛丼) which is a rice and beef dish, to tempura (天ぷら) which are deep fried vegetables, to sushi (寿司, 鮨, 鮓) which is rice topped or mixed with vegetables and/or fish.

Sushi comes in over 100 different varieties and can be found in every neighborhood in Tokyo. Some sushi experiences can be very expensive (where one tasting can cost you upwards of ¥30,000 or about $300 USD), and you can also find extremely affordable sushi on the opposite end of the spectrum, which will only set you back  ¥108 (or about $1 USD) per piece.

If you are visiting Tokyo on a budget, a great option for eating as much sushi as you can without breaking the bank is to eat at budget sushi restaurants. While you may not have the most amazing sushi experience of your life for ¥108, you will have a decent, cheap, and filling meal.


UOBEI Sushi Tokyo

When I visited Tokyo, I was very interested in trying out the popular UOBEI sushi restaurant in the neighborhood of Shibuya. At UOBEI the majority of sushi dishes cost a mere ¥108.

UOBEI is a fun and non-traditional place to eat in Tokyo where your cheap sushi literally flies out to you on a futuristic kind of belt-less conveyor belt.

How to Order Sushi at UOBEI

When you first arrive to UOBEI, you will be given a clipboard with a number on it. That number corresponds to where you sit in the restaurant.

Once seated, use the screen in front of you to order the kind of sushi that you would like to eat (languages available: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English); you can order three pieces of sushi at a time and prices begin at ¥108 per plate.

UOBEI Sushi Tokyo

Shortly after you have placed your order, your food will shoot out at you on a tray. Remove each plate of sushi from the tray, and then press the yellow button to send the tray back to the kitchen.

UOBEI Sushi Tokyo

Last but not least, enjoy eating your cheap sushi!

UOBEI Sushi Tokyo

Location: Uobei Sushi (魚べい), 2-29-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku

Hours: Open Daily 11 am – Midnight (last order 11:30 pm)


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