Cinque Terre (‘Five Lands’) is a collection of five little villages on the northeastern shore of Italy. The five villages include: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, and Corniglia.

Manarola is the second smallest of the five Cinque Terre villages and is thought to be the oldest. Like the other Cinque Terre villages, it is famous for it’s beautiful pastel-colored houses, picturesque views, and wines. It is also known for hosting the annual San Lorenzo Feast every August and having the biggest nativity scene in the world every winter.

Manarola Cinque Terre Italy

Looking out at Manarola

Getting to Manarola

To get into Manarola, you must take the regional train on the Sestri Levante (Levanto) – La Spezia Centrale line or you can hike in from Riomaggiore on the Via del Amore.

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend in Manarola and where you are coming from, you can purchase different tickets.

  • If you plan to spend only a few hours in the village and plan to see all of the five Cinque Terre villages in one or two days via rail, I recommend getting the Cinque Terre Card.
  • If you plan on taking your time and stretching out seeing each village over three or more days, I recommend buying one-way train tickets by the day, to allow yourself the flexibility of traveling at your own leisure.
  • If you are hiking, you must purchase the Cinque Terre Card.

What to do in Manarola  

Manarola is a beautiful little town with stunning views of the Ligurian Sea. The town has beautiful hikes and trails, some great swimming, and delicious seafood restaurants.

Hike through the Vineyards

Manarola Italy Cinque Terre

Photograph the Colorful Buildings

Manarola Italy Cinque Terre

Explore the Winding Alleys that Traverse the Village

 Watch the Sun Set in Manarola

Enjoy the beauty of Manarola after Dusk

What to Eat in Manarola 

Insalata Caprese

Insalata Caprese is a salad made from sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. The colors of the salad are representative of the Italian flag, which is red, white, and green. This delicious salad is the perfect starter to eat before a heavy Italian meal.

Muscoli Ripieni 

Muscoli Ripieni are stuffed mussels that are native to the Ligurian region. These delicious little mussels are stuffed with Italian mortadella sausage, parmesan cheese, garlic and thyme, and then are covered in a rich homemade tomato sauce.

Pansotti in Salsa di Noci 

Pansotti in Salsa di Noci (Pansotti in Walnut Sauce) is another dish that is native to the Ligurian region. A little bigger than ravioli, pansotti is a stuffed pasta filled with herbs that is in the shape of a triangle. After the pansotti is cooked, it is smothered in a homemade walnut sauce.

Tagliolini Neri con Gamberi e Peperoni

Tagliolini Neri con Gamberi e Peperoni is black squid ink pasta with shrimp and peppers.

Where You Can Get These delicious dishesRistorante Marina Piccola, near the harbor in Manarola

Where to Sleep in Manarola 

Looking to experience Manarola by living like a local? Consider renting an apartment through the apartment rental site AirBnB.


  • Budget: Affittacamere San Giorgio – Located near the train station, this boarding house is a great place to stay with very high ratings. Rooms start at €35.00/night
  • Mid-Range: Da Baranin – Located in the highest point of Manarola, Da Baranin offers stunning views of the Ligurian Sea. Rooms start at USD $97/night.
  • SplurgeDa Paulin – Located near the Manarola train station, Da Paulin offers en suite rooms overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Rooms start at USD $207/night.
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