The Peace Cafe, Siem Reap

The Peace Cafe, Siem Reap

Siem Reap, in the northeast region of Cambodia, is full of a number of food options with everything ranging from Italian to American to Indian in addition to local Khmer food. Below is a list of places you might be interested in dining at during your stay in Cambodia.

[Guide: $ = under $5 / $$ = $5-$10 / $$$ = $10-$20 / $$$$ = over $20)

McBuddha Restaurant & Pub ($ – $$)

Serving Western and Khmer cuisines, McBuddha is a nice little open-air restaurant with friendly staff. McBuddah is open from 5am – 11:30pm daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and take out service is available.  This is the perfect place to go to escape the hourdes of tourists and the crowd is mostly locals. Meals begin at $1.50; with a drink, expect to spend between $2 -$7 for a meal. Also be sure to try their fresh fruit shakes for $1. Cash only. McBuddah is located right off of Sivatha Boulevard on the road leading to Artisans d’Angkor.

Ecstatic Pizza ($$)

Ecstatic Pizza (not to be confused with ‘happy pizza’) offers Italian and Khmer dishes at a moderate price. The atmosphere is nice, the staff is extremely friendly, and the pizza is decent. Pizzas range from $4.00 for a small pizza to $9.50 for a large pizza. Ecstatic Pizza also offers free delivery. Cash only. Ecstatic Pizza is located on Hospital Road near Street 7.

Ecstatic Pizza, Siem Reap


Peace Cafe ($)

Peace Cafe offers a variety of vegetarian dishes to fit the budget backpacker’s appetite. The restaurant setting is in a garden full of beautiful trees which creates a nice ambiance. I highly recommend checking this place out. Be sure to try the Kidney Kindness juice ($2.00) and the Stir Fried Lemon-grass Tofu ($3.00). A wide variety of other services are offered such as yoga and a monk chat. Cash only. Peace Cafe is located on Street 26 in the Wat Bo area. 

Navy Khmer Kitchen ($)

No Website, Still Open as of January 2014 – [TripAdvisor]

Navy Kitchen Khmer offers a wide choice of decent Khmer and western foods at excellent prices, perfect for the discount traveller, and sure to leave you full.  Prices start at $0.50 for drinks (beer/juice/shakes) and from $1.00 – $2.00 per meal. Cash only. Navy Khmer Kitchen is located directly across the street from the Angkor Voyage Villa on Sok San Street off of Sivatha Boulevard. 

Khmer Taste ($)

No Website, Still Open as of January 2014 – [TripAdvisor]

Owned by Chinese-Cambodians, Khmer Taste offers an extensive menu with  western, Asian, and Khmer dining options. The meals are light so you might end up ordering more than one, but at prices so affordable, it won’t break the bank. Meals begin at $1.00 and drinks begin at $0.50. Bottles of wine begin at $8.00 and cocktails begin at $1.00. The atmosphere is very nice and the colors are vibrant. This place gets a good amount of business at night, so this is not the place for a quiet atmosphere. Cash only.  Khmer Taste is located at 126 Sok San Street near Sivatha Boulevard. 

Khmer Taste, Siem Reap

The Warehouse ($$)

From 10:30am – 10pm, the Warehouse serves a variety of western and Asian dishes. Spirits, cocktails, beers and wines are also available. On the bottom floor, there is a full bar, indoor and outdoor seating as well as full screen televisions showing sporting events. Meals start from $5.00 up including a drink. Cash only. The Warehouse is located on 2 Thnou Street directly behind the Old Market. 

Raja Angkor ($$-$$$)

Raja Angkor offers a tropical atmosphere with fresh Khmer, western, and BBQ foods. Besides offering regular dishes, Raja Angkor also offers a 3-course taster set menu with 8 different dishes for $12.00. There are two types of seating, one in a ‘tropical’ style environment and another in a more formal environment. Outside of the restaurant, chefs prepare various barbecued foods.  At night, this place gets a lot of business. Cash and Credit Card Accepted. Raja Angkor is located on Sivatha Boulevard directly across from the Central Market.

Angkor Famous ($)

No Website, Still Open as of January 2014 – [TripAdvisor]

Angkor Famous, like many other restaurants in Siem Reap offers both a mix of Khmer and western foods. The prices are excellent for those on a budget. Meals begin at $2.00 and drinks begin at $0.50. During my stay, I had a full breakfast (pictured below) for $2.75 including an onion omelette, bread, mangoes, and a glass of orange juice. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating and has a full bar with numerous drink specials. Cash only. Angkor Famous is located in the Alley next to McDermott Gallery. 

Kampuccino Pizzeria ($-$$)

No current information

This very quiet restaurant has a wide variety of foods ranging from Khmer to western and pizza to eat. There are a variety of options for backpackers and those with a little more money to spend. They also have a full bar. Kampuccino is located one block from the Old Market on the riverfront.

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Do you have more suggestions on places to dine in Siem Reap? Share them here! (Updated January 2014)