Gotham West Market

Located in one of my favorite food neighborhoods in Manhattan, Gotham West Market is the first retail dining destination in Hell’s Kitchen.

It currently houses 9 food vendors including Jeni’s Ice Cream, Blue Bottle Coffee, The Brooklyn Kitchen, The Cannibal, El Colmado, Genuine Roadside, Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop, Ivan Ramen, Slurp Shop, and Choza Taqueria. The cool thing about each of the vendors is that they are each affiliated with a parent restaurant or chain outside of Gotham West.

The Service & Atmosphere

One thing that I really loved about Gotham West Market was the service. As soon as you make your way onto the premises, there is a doorman waiting to hold the door open for you.

All of the staff members at each of the shops are friendly and charming. I also like the fact that since the space is relatively new (it opened in September 2013), it is not as crowded as some of New York City’s other food markets like Chelsea Market.

The Space

The space is set up quite nicely with ample room to move around.

Since there are only a small number of food vendors, the market is extremely easy to navigate. There is both communal seating in the center of the market and bar seating at some of the vendors, which reminds me more of a food hall than an actual food market.

The market is split into two levels: On the top level there are all of the food vendors, and on the bottom level is the dual-gender restroom.

The Food

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Eating Jeni’s Ice Cream

I became familiar with Jeni’s Ice Cream during my time at BlogHouse in Chicago when they brought by a lot of different flavors of their ice cream for us to try.

I tried their Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean Cream and it was a little bit of heaven in my mouth.


El Colmado

El Colmado – Croquetas de Pulvo (Octopus Croquettes)

At El Colmado, I tried the Croquetas de Pulvo. Although they were small, they were very delicious. If I had a bigger appetite and was not sampling different foods from the market, I would have tried more foods on their menu.


Choza Taqueria

Tacos from Choza Taqueria

Choza Taqueria serves up Mexican food comparable to what can be found in northern Mexico.

I tried three different tacos: the pollo (chicken), the carne asada (beef), and the camaron (seafood). While the tacos themselves did remind me of Mexico, I was not a huge fan and I felt that they lacked strong flavors.


The Cannibal

Beer at The Cannibal

The last stop on my Gotham West food adventure was a nice drink at The Cannibal.

The Cannibal has a good European and domestic beer selection and the prices are moderate.


Have you ever been to Gotham West Market?