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#SummerBucketList Item: Go to the beach as much as possible!

Summer is my favorite season of the year. It is a time when I can really kick back and let my hair down while I enjoy an extended break from the obligations of everyday life.

Each year as the summer draws to a close and I make the transition from days filled with laying around the house back into work life, I try to make it a point to take one last short trip to enjoy the warm weather before autumn arrives.

I have found that some of my favorite end of the summer trips have been located within a short driving distance of New York City. This year, I decided that for my final summer day-trip, I would head to Asbury Park, New Jersey, a popular beach town about one hour outside of the City.

As soon as I arrived at the Asbury Park Boardwalk, I was immediately drawn in by the cool ocean air, which was a welcome relief to the sweltering summer sun.

Asbury Park is one of the most popular beach towns in the metro New York area, and I knew that I would be competing for a small secluded space with other beachgoers.

Instead of heading to the sand where flocks of people had settled down with their beach chairs and towels, I made my way over to the rocks that jutted out into the ocean and perched myself a little distance away from the crashing waves.

Jam Cellars Butter Wine

I set my bags down on the rocks and pulled out two of the most delicious bottles of wine I have ever tasted, the JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay and the JaM Cabernet.

Generally, when I drink wine, I stick to reds varietals, but with the JaM Butter Chardonnay, it was easy for me to make an exception. The wine is bold, luscious, and melts in your mouth. It has subtle notes of oak, stone fruit, and baked-lemon, which make it incredibly juicy and easy to drink.

As a red wine drinker and a lover of all things Cabernet, I instantly fell in love with the JaM Cab. Lovingly grown in the vineyards of California, the bold flavors of blackberries, black plums, black currant, and cassis shine through making this an instant favorite. The lush flavor of the berries engaged my palette in a way that few wines have ever done before.

Welcome to Asbury Park

After a while, I decided to pack up my drinks and explore a little of Asbury Park.

Asbury Park Street Art

One thing that I really love about Asbury Park that makes it stand out from other local beach areas are the murals that line the boardwalk.

Artists such as L7m (Brazil) and James Vance (Miami) have come from all over the world to leave their mark on these walls. It is truly a sight to behold.

Wonder Bar Asbury Park

I ended my day trip to Asbury Park stopping by the iconic Wonder Bar, which has a dog-friendly beach-style patio, and The Stone Pony, one of the most notable rock and roll venues in the world.

A day trip to Asbury Park was just what I needed to close out the summer with a bang.

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