Thai food is very popular around the world and what better place to eat Thai food than in Thailand? Below are different foods to try, what to say if you have dietary restrictions, and more resources for foods to try during your trip from well-known travel & food bloggers. Happy eating!

A dish prepared for me at the Amphawa Floating Market

A dish prepared for me at the Amphawa Floating Market

Recommended by the Locals

  • Tom Yum Gai (Sour & Spicy Chicken Soup)
  • Pat Thai (Stir Fry Rice Noodles)
  • Tom Yum Kung (Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup)
  • Matsaman (Thai Curry Dish) <- a little difficult to find
  • Coconut Ice Cream

Dietary Restrictions

Is there a particular dish/food that you do not eat? Try saying this phrase:

“mai gin ______” (I don’t eat ________)

Mai = I don’t  ; Gin = eat;  moo (หมู) = pork, gai (ไก่) = chicken, kai (ไข่) = egg

Mai gin moo = I don’t eat pork. (ไม่กินหมู)

*make sure you add formalities to the end of your sentence when speaking to elders.

[crap] when you are a boy, [ka] when you are a lady, and [ha] when you are a lady-boy

For example: A lady would say “Mai gin mooka” ; the same sentence would be said by a boy as “Mai gin moocrap“; and a lady boy would say “Mai gin mooha


Thai Coconut Ice Cream

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