Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to sit down and converse with artist Chihoon Jeong , who I saw perform at the 2013 Korean Cultural Festival here in New York City. I was drawn to Chihoon’s unique style of painting, in which he uses his feet to dance on canvas while moving to tango music.

[Full video interview at the bottom of the post]

About Chihoon

Chihoon Jeong is a talented artist from Seosan, South Korea. In 2009, he attended Boston University in Massachusetts, where he learned what tango was. In 2011, he then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina  for six months, where he chose to study tango more in depth and also to learn Spanish. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. His talents expand beyond his paintings into the area of photography, which he is also very passionate about.

Why Chihoon Dances with His Feet

“I tried painting by hand… but what I wanted to express in my painting was about that love, that emotion, that feeling of intimate relationship, but I couldn’t express that with a traditional method… suddenly [I thought] what if I dance on the canvas while dancing canvas with my feet…?”

“Tango Intimo 1” (2012)

Chihoon’s Inspiration for Tango Intimo

“I was inspired by all the tango dancers… they are the biggest inspiration of my painting Tango Intimo.”


Chihoon is also a talented photographer and has captured images of the lives of people from around the world. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of his. For a complete look at his work, visit his website which is listed at the bottom of this post.

“Look at His Eyes” (Bolivia, 2011)


“The Seventh Heaven” (Argentina, 2011)


Full Interview [Video]

To get a full sense of who Chihoon Jeong is, and to take a more in-depth look into his work, watch the video interview below.



Interested in seeing more of Chihoon’s work? Visit his website: