Summer is my favorite season of the year.

As a child, I grew up taking road trips every summer from New York City to Columbia, South Carolina. I think that those trips prepared me to endure long international flights and helped to form my love of traveling.

While I rarely get down to the southern states these days, I do spend a lot of my summers traveling around the world. Just last summer, I did my second Euro-trip where I explored 7 countries in 7 weeks. This summer, I have plans to visit Mexico, Cuba, and Atlanta and if I can find another great flight deal, I might add a couple more destinations to this list.

For this month’s Jetsetter Roundup compilation, travel bloggers from around the world have shared their ‘Summer Vacation Ideas‘ with tips that can help you to plan your summer vacation.

Where will you head this summer?


Cruising the Caribbean Sea on the Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze by Raging Wire (CC)

The summer season is a wonderful time to take a cruise, and what better way to spend the summer than hopping from island to island around the Caribbean? Kurt and Kara share their experience cruising around the Caribbean on the Carnival Breeze on The Sophisticated Life.


Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon by Alan English (CC)

Paris of the blog My Big Fat Happy Life shares her adventures planning and taking a family trip to the Grand Canyon.


Glamping by Alice Crain (CC)

Camping outdoors may not appeal to everyone, so some people opt to go glamping (glamorous camping).  Katrina of My Mommy Flies shares her Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Glamping.

Meteora, Greece

Meteora by Javier Vieras (CC)

Dave of Dave’s Travel Pages takes us on a fun adventure as he hikes through the stunning and unique rock formations of Meteora, Greece.


Colorado’s Ski Town USA

Traditional winter playgrounds like ski resorts can also be great summer travel destinations.  Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts share their story about visiting Ski Town USA in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is an amazing summer destination with hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, alpine slides and hot springs pools.  And, as a bonus, since summers are low season for ski resorts, you can score deep discounts on accommodations, transportation and attractions.


Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Chichen Itza by Paul Simpson (CC)

Josh and Liz of Peanuts or Pretzels share their exciting adventure traveling through Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula during an 8 day journey. Josh and Liz talk about their adventures geocaching,  eating tacos, exploring ruins, and having underground adventures. Visiting the Yucatan is a trip not to be missed!

Iceland’s Golden Circle

Golden Circle by Christopher Porter (CC)

Iceland is a place of natural and majestic beauty. Carole shares her journey on the famous Golden Circle in Iceland and provides tips on the wonderful things to see on the journey.

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way by Michael Foley (CC)

Nothing says summer like an epic road trip. Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts share their journey along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, one of the world’s most epic road trips.  Connecting over 1,700 miles of Ireland’s most beautiful coastlines, small towns and beaches, the Wild Atlantic Way is the very best of Ireland!

California’s Majestic Mountain Loop Road Trip

Yosemite by Jonathan Fox (CC)

Summer is the perfect time to hit the road and Cassie from Ever in Transit shares her journey into three of California’s national parks on the Majestic Mountain Loop. This is definitely a trip worth doing!

Road Trip through Oregon

Crater Lake in Oregon by Ray Bouknight (CC)

Adelina of Pack Me To shares her journey on an 8-day drive road tripping through the beautiful state of Oregon. During her adventure, Adelina captures breathtaking views of nature, eats delicious food, and offers professional tips for making the journey.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe by Bill Rand (CC)

Are you looking to explore the United States this summer? Billie and Steve of Santa Fe Travelers created this informative list of 5 Hot Reasons to Visit Santa Fe this summer.


Must Do Things in Croatia

Croatia by Roman Pfeiffer (CC)

Thinking about visiting Europe this summer? SJ of Chasing the Donkey shares her tips for the 15 Top Things to do in Croatia. This list is not to be missed.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini by Maggie Meng (CC)

Santorini is a very beautiful Grecian island located in Aegean Sea. Chrissy of Travel Passionate shares her list of 10 things to do on the island during your visit.

I also visited Santorini during the summer months, and I have created a guide for visiting Santorini along with tips for the best places to watch the sunset.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre by Daniel Stockman (CC)

Sue of Travel Tales of Life shares her account (and stunning photographs) from visiting the beautiful Cinque Terre region of Italy’s Ligurian Coast.

You may remember that I also visited Cinque Terre during my 2014 Euro-Trip, and here are my guides for exploring the towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola.

California’s Big Sur 

Big Sur by Cathy (CC)

Domonique of The Simple Proof takes us on an adventure up the California coastline to Big Sur, a region of the Central Coast of California. Domonique offers breathtaking photographs in addition to helpful tips on what to do when bringing children to the area.

Paxos, Greece

Paxos by Sean Perry (CC)

Chrissy of Travel Passionate shares 5+1 things to do on the beautiful island of Paxos, Greece located in the breathtaking Ionian sea .

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia by Roberto Cossu (CC)

Domonique of The Simple Proof brings us to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, located off of the coast of Italy. She shares her tips for how to enjoy a beautiful family vacation when visiting the island.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos by Ingo Meironke (CC)

Thinking about heading to Greece this summer? Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life gives tips on what to do with 48 Hours on the island of Mykonos, which is often referred to as the “Ibiza” of Greece.

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