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If you could name three things that you would want out of a resort, what would they be?

I don’t often find myself in resorts because I generally like to get into the heart of a place that I am visiting to fully experience the people, the foods, and the cultures. There are some cases however when I do find myself traveling and staying at a resort, and when I do, I personally want the following three things: beauty, serenity, and relaxation.

Traveling can sometimes be very exhausting, and five and a half weeks into my 2014 Euro-Trip, I was worn out and desperately in need of some rest and relaxation. I had my sights set on visiting the beautiful Cinque Terre area, a region in northwestern Italy famous for its five small villages overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

Tucked in between the seaside towns of Bonassola and Levanto, and a stone’s throw away from Cinque Terre, I came across La Francesca Resort, a place where I felt I would be sure to find the beauty, serenity, and relaxation that I was seeking.


Flowers La Francesca Resort

Beautiful flowers can be found all around La Francesca’s property

“Beauty is not caused. It is.” – Emily Dickinson

La Francesca resort is naturally beautiful. This ecologically friendly little village was built right into the mountainside without anything having to be cut down, and is the first of its kind in Italy to be built in such a manner.


I needed to see the sea again… it makes my heart happy 🙂 The view from my room at La Francesca Resort right outside of Cinque Terre 🙂 #LaFrancesca #Liguria #Italy #Italia #ResortLife

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Serenity & Relaxation

La Francesca Resort

Get away from it all: find rest and relaxation at La Francesca


“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”  – Pooh’s Little Instruction Book

In addition to being very beautiful, La Francesca is also serene and relaxing. You want to escape from the crowds, your kids, or life? La Francesca is the place to do it all.

La Francesca Resort

Tucked away into a hillside, La Francesca is a serene place to be

La Francesca’s private beach – a little small and very rocky, but a good place to relax on the beach and get a tan

Waves crash up onto the rocks on La Francesca’s private beach

Right before dinnertime, make sure to head down to the beach and watch the sun setting

The Apartment

I stayed in a cozy one bedroom apartment equipped with a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining/living room area, and a balcony overlooking the  Ligurian Sea.

My favorite thing about the room was being able to wake up every morning, open up the shutters in my room and look out at the sea, and then head into my living room where I was able to open the doors of my balcony and let the fresh sea air sweep into the apartment.

The minimalist bedroom is very comfortable and when closed, the windows block out all light and sound so that you can truly have a peaceful rest

My cozy little living/dining room

La Francesca Resort

The view from my front porch, overlooking the Ligurian Sea

La Francesca from the Sky!

My pictures and words can only tell you so much about this beautiful place. Here is a video that shows you the true beauty of the resort from the sky! (Video Credit: La Francesca)

Fun Facts about La Francesca

♥ La Francesca’s official symbol is the rose. It was chosen as the symbol by the current owner’s mother.

♥ There are solar-powered panels on the property of La Francesca which help to save power, making it very ecologically friendly.

♥ La Francesca’s property spans 15 hectares (37 acres), which means you can fit 28 American football fields on the property!

♥ La Francesca is open year around and has 55 apartments on site!

Are you interested in staying at La Francesca? Click here to check out their availability and book a room today!

Thank you to La Francesca Resort for having me as a guest for a couple of nights during my trip to the Cinque Terre region. As always, all opinions are my own. The booking link is an affiliate link that helps to keep this site running.