La Maison d'Art Harlem

During my Staycation in Harlem, I was seeking out a property in the neighborhood that was small, centrally located, and had an artistic feel.

What I came across was La Maison d’Art, a contemporary guest house inside of a brownstone in the center of Harlem.  The aim of La Maison d’Art is to provide a comfortable and authentic New York experience. The guest house features works from both local and international artists which can be seen througout the property in places such as in the gallery, on the patio, across all of the walls, and inside each of the bedrooms.

The Rooms
La Maison d'Art bed

The Victorian Room at La Maison d’Art

La Maison d’Art has a total of five rooms: the Victorian room, a small but cozy Victorian-styled room where I stayed; three suites which each have their own personal artistic touch and style; and one loft, which keeps the traveling artist in mind. In addition to beauty, each of the rooms has great amenities including free WiFi, free phone calls to European landlines, free tea and coffee, and cable television.

My Victorian room was very clean and comfortable. The bed was definitely my favorite part of the room, and once I got into it, I did not want to get out. With plush pillows and a soft comforter, the bed made me feel like I was riding on a cloud; if I could have taken the bed back with me to my house, I would have.

La Maison d'Art Victorian Room

In true Victorian fashion there was a chandelier handing above the bed, a large oval mirror adorning the wall, a textured wall surface behind the bed comprised of exposed brick, and vibrant colors (such as the mustard yellow earth tone) that were unheard of before the Victorian era. It was very apparent that a lot of thought was put into the design of the room to give it a Victorian feel.

Another thing that I loved about the room was being able to sit on the windowsill with a cup of tea, while I read a magazine and looked out of the window, which had a lovely view of some of Harlem’s prettiest brownstones.

La Maison d'Art Victorian Room windowsill

Relaxing in the windowsill

The Staff

The staff was absolutely delightful. Prior to my stay, I kept in constant contact with the guest house’s owner Stephanie Calla, who was very helpful with providing information about the property and securing my booking.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by a couple of the staff members, who made the check-in process smooth and easy. I was given information about the property and some things in the neighborhood. Throughout the stay, they were completely professional and kind.

The Gallery
La Maison d'Art Gallery

The gallery at La Maison d’Art

As a huge lover of contemporary and modern art, I fell in love with the art gallery on the property, which features both local and international artists. The space also works well as a communal area in which guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of the guest house.

A couple of times per month, the gallery turns into an event space that hosts different artistic events such as the Sugar Hill Market, a place where designers and artisans come to sell various products.

Gallery La Maison d'Art

The Location & Cost

La Maison d’Art is in a wonderful location on 132 Street between Frederick Douglass Boulevard (8th Avenue) and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard (7th Avenue).  The guest house is 4 blocks southeast of the A/B/C trains, and 4.5 blocks southwest of the 2/3 trains.

These five trains can take you around the islands of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, with easy connections that can take you to the Bronx and Staten Island.

For accommodation on the island of Manhattan, La Maison d’Art is very reasonable, with rooms starting at $102 per night.


Overall, I thought that La Maison D’Art was a great place to stay and I would highly recommend staying here if any of the following apply to you: you want to stay in a place where you are known by name,  you want to stay in a place where you can enjoy beautiful art on premises, you want somewhere affordable to stay, you want to explore the neighborhood of Harlem, and/or you want to stay somewhere away from hordes of tourists that is easily accessible to all of New York City’s major attractions.

Practical Information:

Location: 259 W 132nd St, New York, NY 10030


Disclaimer: I was a guest of La Maison d’Art, however, as always all opinions of the property are my own.