London Street Art

I absolutely love street art, and hile visiting London, I took the opportunity to discover the city’s street art on the free Alternative London Tour.

In addition to learning that some of London’s street art was created to convey a political message while some was created purely for artistic purposes, I also learned a lot about the artists and about the history of street art in London.

A lot of the street art in London can be found in the neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Banglatown. These areas are under a constant state of change and a piece of art that is there one day may be covered up or completely changed on the next day. These changes can occur by the city, another artist, or even the original artist themselves.

To my dismay,  while I was in London I did not see any works by the famous British street artist Banksy.

Street Artist: Stik, England (

Where I Saw It: MME Motorcycle’s former location near Brick Lane

Street art by Stik [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=

Title: “London Dare IV”

Street Artist: DALeast, Cape Town via China (

Where I Saw It: Hanbury Street, Shoreditch

Street Artist: Alexis ‘La Pandilla’ Diaz, Puerto Rico (

Where I Saw It: Hanbury Street, Shoreditch

Street Artist: ROA, Belgium

Where I Saw It: Hanbury Street, Shoreditch

Have you ever seen street art in London?