Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you either live in or are visiting New York City, you MUST add visiting a food fair/festival/market to your list of things to do… and you better bring your fat pants.

For the past six years, Madison Square Eats has been showcasing some of New York City’s best food biannually (spring & fall) at their increasingly popular food market. Whenever I hear the market has started, I make my way over to the Flatiron district to eat from some old favorites and sample food from some new vendors, and it is always a good time.

Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue

Seoul Lee Korean Barbeque

Bulgogi Beef Taco and Mango Soju

Since 2013, the concept of the food at Seoul Lee has been to create a fusion between traditional Mexican and traditional Korean foods, and they have been doing a darn good job at it.

I personally have a weak spot for Korean food after having lived in Korea for two years, and Mexican food after visiting back in 2013, so whenever I see Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue at Madison Square Eats or Broadway Bites, I always make sure to stop by the stand.

One of my favorite menu items from Seoul Lee is their Bulgogi Beef Taco (pictured below), which combines Korean bulgogi, kimchi, and leeks in a soft taco. I also sampled the mango soju which was very delicious! I am not a huge flavored soju drinker, but this is one I would definitely come back for!

Where You Can Find Seoul Lee Korean BBQ outside of MSE: Holiday markets (such as the Union Square Holiday Market) & food festivals

Brooklyn Oyster Party

Brooklyn Oyster Party

East Coast & West Coast Oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party

I like it raw. Like my french fries, I do not like to add any additional flavors to my oysters, I like to eat them straight out the shell.

When I came across Brooklyn Oyster Party at Madison Square Eats, I wanted to see how their oysters compared to all of the delicious oysters I had eaten in my travels. As soon as those babies were cracked open, I tilted my head back and let the oyster goodness slide into my mouth – and yes, my mouth went into party mode.

I tried oysters from the east coast and some from the west coast, and I have to say, the east coast has the west coast beat (but what did you expect? East Coast is the best.)

Where You Can Find Brooklyn Oyster Party outside of MSE: Smorgasburg & Brooklyn Flea (April to November)

Two Tablespoons

Two Tablespoons

Lentils, Beets, & Goat Cheese Summer Roll, and Corn, Coconut, & Curry Sauce Summer Roll at Two Tablespoons

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

I spent some of the best five minutes of my life hovering over a table devouring food from Two Tablespoons. Who knew that healthy food could pack in such a delicious punch?

I first tried the Lentils, Beets, & Goat Cheese Summer Roll and holy-rolly, magic happens when you combine beets and goat cheese! I then tried the Corn, Coconut, & Curry Sauce Summer Roll and this was hands down one the freshest, most delicious wraps I have eaten in life. I really love the fact that they use the clear Vietnamese rice paper so you can see everything you are eating, it truly is an amazing concept.

Where You Can Find Two Tablespoons outside of MSE: Broadway Bites (summer)

Mighty Balls

Mighty Balls

Beef Meatball with ‘Not Your Average Brown Sauce’ at Mighty Balls

The name and slogan say it all: “Mighty Balls: Not Yo Mama’s Balls”; and they certainly are not.

Those meatball creatives over at Mighty Balls certainly are doing something new and different and are changing the way we look at meatballs. From Spicy Italians to Sexy Africans, you can eat your balls on a bun or straight up just put the the balls in your mouth, either way, you will enjoy it.

I do not eat swine so I really appreciate the fact that they have other meat (and non-meat) options outside of pork including beef, turkey, and veggie.

Where You Can Find Mighty Balls outside of MSE: Astoria (35-11 34th Avenue, Queens)

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

Birthday Cake Cannoli from Stuffed Artisan Cannolis – so tempting it makes you want to lick it right off of the screen

Holy Cannoli! The people at Stuffed Artisan Cannolis really know how to make the perfect cannoli. I have visited their stand on numerous occasions at both Broadway Bites and Madison Square Eats.

I just can’t get enough.

Stuffed Artisan serves up creative miniature cannolis from the original flavor, to seasonal flavors, to liquor-infused cannolis. You cannot go wrong with any one that you order. Trust me.

Where You Can Find Stuffed Artisan Cannolis outside of MSE: Holiday markets (such as the Union Square Holiday Market) & food festivals



Margherita Pizza from Roberta’s – charred goodness

I have written time and time again about pizza from articles on the interwebs to here on this blog. I just cannot get enough of the stuff, it is probably one the most amazing foods ever created in the history of food.

I had heard about Roberta’s Pizza time and time again, so I knew that I had to try their pizza once and for all at MSE. I liked that it was slightly charred from the wood-burning stove which created a fresh earthy flavor. I have to say that their pizza, made fresh-to-order is very delicious.

Where You Can Find Roberta’s outside of MSE: East Williamsburg (261 Moore Street, Brooklyn)

Momufoku Milk Bar

Momufoku Milk Bar

B’day Cake Truffles at Momufoku Milk Bar

Doesn’t the name Momufoku remind you of ‘Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa’ from the Michael Jackson song Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’? 

Momufoku is very popular in New York from their sushi bar to their milk bar, these people just do food right. I sampled the B’Day Cake Truffles (which are frozen pieces of birthday cake served in ball form) and although a little sweet, very delicious additions to my Madison Square Eats pig-out-fest.

Where You Can Find Momufoku outside of MSE: SoHo (72 Wooster St.); East Village (251 E. 13th St.); Midtown (15 W. 56th St.); Upper East Side (561 Columbus Ave.); Williamsburg (382 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn); Carroll Gardens (360 Smith Street, Brooklyn)

Cover Photo Credit: A Flatiron Dusk via photopin (license)

Have you ever been to Madison Square Eats? What were your favorite eats?