Simply put: Nymphenburg Palace is stunning.

One of the 16 things that I wrote about in a list of things to do in Munich, was to visit the visually stunning Nymphenburg Palace, a short distance from the center of Munich by train, bus, tram, or car.

The palace, which reminds me a lot of the the very famous palace in Versailles, France is smaller than its predecessor, is stunning both inside and outside, and is a lot less crowded.

When you first enter the grounds, you will come upon a small lake inhabited by swans, geese, and ducks. As you pass the lake and make your way through the grounds in front of the palace, you will arrive at the front doors of the palace, where you can visit the rooms of the palace for a small fee or pass straight through the bottom floor of the palace and out into the backyard for free.

If you choose to enter the museum-like rooms, you can see the room where Maximilian II Emanuel was born, the famous Gallery of Beauties created by King Ludwig I to display all of the women whom he had slept with, and the Great Hall designed by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and François Cuvilliés the Elder.

Palace Grounds

Nymphenburg Palace front

The front of the palace

Main entrance Nymphenburg

The main entrance of the palace

Statue Nymphenburg Palace

A statue in front of the palace

Nymphenburg backyard

The rear end of the palace

Nymphenburg statue

A statue in the backyard of the palace

Nymphenburg backyard

The backyard of the palace


Inside the Palace

Great Hall Nymphenburg

The Great Hall

Gallery of Beauties Nymphenburg

Part of King Ludwig I’s Gallery of Beauties

Antechamber Nymphenburg Palace

The Antechamber

Bedroom Nymphenburg Palace

The bedroom

Have you been to Nymphenburg Palace? What were your impressions?