Drinking Sake in Fukuoka, Japan

Sake, which was originally referred to as the ‘drink of the gods’, is a special alcoholic beverage that originated from Japan and is produced using the base ingredients of rice, water, koji (a special kind of fungus), and sake yeast. Japan has a long history of producing sake that spans over 2,500 years, when rice growing became prevalent across the country. Now, sake can be purchased in many forms, from in a juice box to a glass bottle, and in a variety of flavors.

“I want to try sake. Where do I begin?”

My first taste of sake actually came from a juice-box from 7-Eleven in Nagasaki. Maybe not what one would call ‘the ideal first sake experience’, but it was bearable enough for me to want to taste it again.

Luckily I got the opportunity a few days later when I went to Fukuoka. A Japanese local took me to Hakata Hyakunen-kura Ishikura Shuzo (100-Year Warehouse), the only remaining brewery in the Hakata area, where I was able to sample various flavors and qualities of sake.

The best thing about the sampling is that it was absolutely free, which was great because I am generally budget-conscious when I travel. In addition to the free sampling, you can purchase the sake flavors that you sample and if you time your journey to the brewery right, you can go on a brewery tour!


Sake Barrel at Hyakunen-kura


Fukuoka (Hakata) is not on everyone’s list of places to travel while in Japan, but if you do find yourself there, check out the Hyakunen-kura (1-30-1 Katakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka / 092-633-5100)

Getting There:  Directions: 10 min. walk from Chiyo Kencho-guchi Subway Station (Map: http://www.welcomekyushu.com/feature/2009/fall_kodawari/higashi_map1.html#2-b)

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  1. Sara Aug 10, 2014 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    I’m not a fan of sake, but if you’re going to drink it, this is definitely an awesome place to do it!

  2. Francesca Sep 19, 2014 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    As Sara sad, I’m no fan of sake, but I think if I were at a place like this in Japan, I’d kind of HAVE to try it!

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