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“Only time we don’t speak is during Sex and the City. She gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show’s over she’s right back to being my soldier…” – Jay Z

When I get addicted to a show, I have trouble pulling myself away from the screen as I am watching it. During my 2005 Sex and the City obsession-phase, I can still recall rushing home from after work each night to binge watch all six seasons of the show.

That’s right… I watched the ENTIRE six seasons in one month.

You might say that I was slightly obsessed. 

Fast forward nine years and two movies later and Sex and the City (SATC) is still one of my favorite television shows of all time. When I found out that there was a Sex and the City tour here in New York run by the company On Location Tours, I knew that I had to be on it!

Sex and the City, which was the first NYC-based television show to actually be filmed in the City, was shot in and around many of the city’s hottest neighborhoods. For several hours, the tour carried myself and the other passengers around to the various neighborhoods in the city so that we could get a little taste of experiencing the fabulous SATC life!

Sex and the city tour bus

The SATC Tour Bus

All Love Stories Have a Great Beginning

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” – Carrie

I arrived to the front of the Plaza hotel to board the Sex and the City tour bus bright and early in the morning. As I proceeded to make my way down the aisle of the bus, I noticed that everyone on the tour had come with someone else, but unfortunately like a great majority of the women in New York City, I was alone.


Sex and the city tour

Our fun and enthusiastic tour guide kept us laughing

As I looked for a place to sit on the bus, I spotted an empty seat next to another single lady and I let out a relieved sigh knowing that I wouldn’t have to talk to myself throughout the entire trip.

After I found my seat an enthusiastic and bubbly woman named Staci introduced herself to everyone on the bus and told us that she was going to be our tour guide. She briefly went over all of the different neighborhoods that we would be visiting on the tour. Staci continued her speech by expressing her deep love for our amazing the city and made a point of letting everyone know how especially wonderful it is during times like the annual Fleet Week when the city is covered in seamen (which is a time that is definitely not worth missing)!

Hitting all the Right Spots: New York City is in Love with Sex

After departing from the front of the Plaza Hotel, my tour bus whisked its way down 5th Avenue past Tiffany’s (where Charlotte picked out her engagement ring) and The New York Public Library (where Carrie and Big were supposed to get married), and made a stop at The Pleasure Chest, where Charlotte bought her “Rabbit”.

While the ladies (and their reluctant boyfriends) headed into the Pleasure Chest, I went to check out the Greenwich Village location of Two Boots Pizza, where Miranda and Carrie stopped in to have ‘real food’ after eating a deplorable meal at Raw.

Two Boots (Greenwich Village location) where the Miranda and Carrie ate ‘real food’

After the girls bought their pleasurable goodies, we all hopped back on the bus and drove around the Meatpacking District, the West Village, and Little Italy, before stopping for a Cosmo  Onieal’s Grand Street in SoHo (which was called ‘Scout’ in the show).

After sipping our cosmos, everyone boarded the bus again bound for a nearby park to eat cupcakes just like Miranda and Carrie did outside of Magnolia Bakery. After finishing our cupcakes, the tour ended and we all went our separate ways.

Cupcakes in the park

“There are no words left. We’ve said them all.” – Carrie

On Location Tours

On Location Tours operates television and movie tours in New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Some of the main tours include:

  • Sex and the City Tour (NYC)
  • Sopranos Sites Tour (NYC)
  • When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour (NYC)
  • Boston Movie Mile (Boston)
  • Washington, D.C. TV and Movie Sites

Thank you to On Location Tours for providing me with a complimentary tour and providing two complimentary tickets to one lucky reader! As always, all opinions are my own.

This article was updated for content in January 2016.