If you grew up in the 90’s, you may remember a show on Nickelodeon called Doug. You may also remember a song on the show by The Beets called ‘Killer Tofu”. If you don’t remember the song, let me refresh your memory….



That song stuck with me for years and I refused to eat tofu up until a couple of years ago. All of the tofu that I ate I would classify as ‘normal’, until I heard about this interesting food down in Taiwan called ‘Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐)’. The name alone would turn many people off but I wanted to be adventurous and try the stuff so I decided to do it at the famous Shilin Night Market. The taste was not as bad as the smell, which was pretty horrid. I felt like this kid:

Image Source: Weird Asia News

I could not finish my plate so I returned it to the men at the food stands, politely apologized, and then ran away. As bad as I felt about being disrespectful for not finishing the food, there was NO WAY I could eat the whole plate. Some people actually enjoy stinky tofu, but I am not one of them.

Interested in challenging yourself to some tofu? Head on over to the Shilin Night Market and ask around for 臭豆腐 (chuh-oo ddo-oo-poo).