It is hard to put the beauty of the sunset in Santorini into words .

Every night during my trip the magnificent island, I made sure that I was able to watch the sun setting, something I had never done before during any part of my travels. I couldn’t help it; it was like the sun was calling my name.

On the night of my arrival, I watched the sun setting from my villa as I unpacked my backpack and got adjusted to my new room.

On my second night on the island, I made my way over to Oia to see the famous ‘Oia Sunset’. While I found the sunset to be lovely from Oia, it was a little too crowded and I had to spend quite a while seeking out a space.

Oia Sunset

Sunset at Oia


My third night on the island, I wanted to find a place away from the crowds, so I headed to the town of Thera (Fira) and walked away from the city center towards Firostefani, where I was able to escape the people and get a much better view of the sunset than I saw the previous night in Oia.

[Tip: If you want a memorable and romantic experience looking at the sunset, I suggest going to Firostefani instead of Oia where you can have more privacy and a magnificent view.]


Firostefani ㄴunset

Sunset in Firostefani


My final night as I made my way to the airport I saw the sunset and I got a little bit sad knowing that it would be the final sunset that I would see on the island for a long time.

Bern Williams once said, “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”

So this post is dedicated to you, dear Santorini sunset, in the hopes that my dreams will come true and I will be able to see you again.

Have you ever seen the sunset in Santorini?