Iceland | Cultural Xplorer

The world is a really big place. Sometimes we forget that when planning the next vacation, whether domestic or international. As communication and transportation becomes cheaper and more accessible to all, more locations around the globe are going to become more familiar to people who love travel. For many years, Europe was one of the only continents that a certain segment of American travelers visited. Today, this same segment is becoming interested in nations throughout Asia, South America, Central America, Scandinavia, and more. If you love travel, but have burned out on the usual travel spots, consider these for your next excursion.

IcelandIceland Air has introduced $99 flights to travelers from the United States, positioning themselves as a flight hub for destinations all over Europe and elsewhere. Even for those travelers who are just using Iceland as a layover, this government sponsored initiative is designed to provide them with a nice experience of Iceland, if only for a few hours. For those who know about Iceland’s national perks, it’s a charming holiday place, one of the most affordable for international visitors. There are natural hot springs, mountains, forests, modern cities, a national emphasis on music and culture, great food, and lots more. It’s perfect for people who love gorgeous wilderness, but who don’t want to be far from society even when enjoying this kind of scenic beauty. It really is unlike any other place you’re liable to visit.

Tunisia – Once inaccessible to anyone buy natives and passing traders, Tunisia now has a lot to offer visitors of all stripes. Africa’s northernmost country, Tunisia borders the Mediterranean Sea. Culturally, visitors will see African touchstones, as well as influences from Spain, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. A melange of traditions unlike any other, Tunisia also retains much of its ancient past. You’ll be able to see ruins and active, ancient architecture, where people live much like they have for many hundreds of years. Tunisia is not without modern cities and amenities, however. Communication is easier, especially with NobelCom phone cards, all throughout Tunisia.

The Outer Banks, NC – For some of our readers, North Carolina will be quite a local getaway. For others, it’s the hidden gem you’ve always known was hiding somewhere in America. Long a favorite of people all over the South, The Outer Banks is where the Wright Brothers first achieved flight. Visiting the beaches’ endless dunes, you’ll see why the Bros. chose this spot. Today, there are affordable rental houses, gorgeous beaches, amazing seafood, and interesting shopping, attracting Americans and a growing number of internationals.

Next time you have time and money to take a vacation, why not choose someplace you’ve never been before? Why not make it something truly exotic? It’s getting more affordable to travel just about anywhere in the world. Do a little research, or try one of the suggestions above. Travel is one of the great privileges of life. Don’t follow the usual route. The world is large. See some places that your friends have not, and create memories that will last forever.