One weekend is not nearly enough time to see and do everything in New Orleans. With so many things to do, so much food to eat, and so much culture, you could spend weeks, months, or years in this city and not grow tired of it.

Since I only had a short weekend to spend in the city,  I wanted to see and do as much as I possibly could, and get a real feel for the city known as ‘The Big Easy’.

What I Did in New Orleans

There was a lot to do in New Orleans. One of the most interesting things that I did during my stay involved going out to the swamps of Louisiana to play with alligators on a swamp tour.

I also did something very different than I normally would do when traveling: I went on on a Ghost Tour around the French Quarter and learned about all of the haunted places in the area.

I still remember watching the news when Hurricane Katrina stuck New Orleans in 2005, and I was interested in learning more about it, so I took a private tour of the Ninth Ward and some of the lesser visited areas of the city with Michael (New Orleans Seafood ‘N Stuff), a man born and raised in Louisiana.

I ended the trip with experiencing the nightlife that New Orleans is famous for by visiting both Bourbon Street and Harrah’s Casino.


The ‘haunted’ New Orleans Pharmacy Museum on my ghost tour


What I Saw in New Orleans

I did not see a single ghost during my ghost tour, but I did manage to see a part of New Orleans that is not listed in the guidebooks: the Lakeview neighborhood.

I also got to see Jesus (his shadow), and the entirety of the French Quarter by walking around on foot.

Overlooking Lake Pontchartrain in Lakeview, New Orleans

Overlooking Lake Pontchartrain in Lakeview, New Orleans


What I Ate in New Orleans

The short story: I ate a lot, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I will have to return in the near future!

Eating New Orleans


Where I Slept in New Orleans

I slept in the French Quarter at the Country Inn and Suites for a total cost of only two dollars out of pocket!

Why I Will Return

I had an amazing time in this city and a lot of it was due to the people I met, the food I ate, and the fact that New Orleans is truly a city like no other. My stay was entirely too short and next time I would like to devote at least a full week to seeing everything that New Orleans has to offer!


Bourbon Street